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Annelyse Gelman’s most recent book, Vexations (University of Chicago Press, 2023), won the 2022 James Laughlin Award from the Academy of American Poets and was longlisted for the National Book Award. Gelman is also the author of the poetry collection Everyone I Love Is a Stranger to Someone (Write Bloody, 2014), and the experimental pop EP About Repulsion (Fonograf Editions, 2019), as well as the artist’s book POOL (Neck Press, 2020). Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine, BOMB Magazine, the PEN Poetry Series, The Iowa Review, American Poetry Review, and elsewhere.

Gelman also founded and directs Midst, an app and digital publishing platform focused on capturing, saving, and sharing the writing process. Each poem published in Midst includes an interactive timeline showing readers exactly how each published poem was written and edited—blank page to final draft. Midst is in active development, with the ultimate goal of becoming a free and highly accessible public resource. The project has commissioned emerging and acclaimed contemporary poets, including Forrest Gander, Franny Choi, Daniel Borzutzky, Mónica de la Torre, Xandria Phillips, and Dan Beachy-Quick. Read Midst at midst.press/read.

Gelman’s language-based, trans-disciplinary projects are frequently ekphrastic and collaborative, using consumer-grade technologies and available materials to explore intimacy, vulnerability, and interdependence. Beyond publishing, her expanded poetics practice has resulted in a duet with Tavares Strachan's neon sculpture at the Blanton Museum of Art, a reading with Deborah Butterfield's sculptures at the Manetti Shrem Museum, and a performance for José Parlá's Amistad America mural (Austin, TX), and many other projects. She has been the recipient of fellowships and residencies from the Deutsch-Amerikanische Fulbright-Kommission, New Zealand Pacific Studio, Fondation Jan Michalski, Fondation Thalie, and elsewhere (a full CV is available upon request). She holds an MFA from the Michener Center for Writers.


       october 24: nyu, nyc, with matthew rohrer
       october 29: riffraff, providence
       november 1: grolier bookshop, boston, with zoë hitzig
       november 2, 3pm: flowchart foundation, hudson ny
       november 8, 7pm: poetry society of america, nyc, with m.s. redcherries and francisco márquez


       feb 8 2024: kemper museum, kansas city
       feb 10 2024: big mood natural wines, kansas city
       march 28 2024: magill reading, usc, los angeles
       april 2 2024: uc davis, california
       october 25, 2023: Prairie Lights with Eleni Sikelianos, iowa city, ia
       october 27 2023: NYU with Gillian Conoley, nyc, ny
       jan-april 2023: deep springs college
       march 8-12 2023: awp, seattle
       april 13-16 2023: phoenix poets festival, chicago
       august 6 2023: pickathon, oregon

Released in March 2023 from the University of Chicago Press: Vexations is a book-length poem—a surreal, glitchy meditation on social and economic collapse, nonhuman intelligence, and the limits of empathy.

Phoenix Poets consulting editor Douglas Kearney writes: “With this stunning shapeshifter of a manuscript, Gelman manages to create a remarkable hybrid: a book-length poetic narrative of speculative fiction, an urgent account of a mother/daughter relationship, and a coruscating view of our ecological future. . . . This is twenty-first-century literature in action.”


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the new yorker • "boy"
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the offshore economist • "SWIM"
the iowa review • "spooky town"
southword journal • "glossolalist"
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7x7 • "power" parts i-vii
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POOL (2020)

Annelyse Gelman's POOL, a collaboration between NECK Press and Midst, offers an exploded view of the process of writing a single poem about a man who has drowned in a municipal swimming pool. Each page features a single moment from the poem's creation (in lieu of page numbers, the book uses timestamps). As the poem completes itself, POOL's blue pages become darker and more saturated, mimicking the fading of light as one dives into a body of water.

hey look, we made a 𝖒𝖚𝖘𝖎𝖈 𝖛𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖔 for Lady!

everyone i love is a stranger to someone


Midst is a new digital publishing platform allowing writers to share their poems in the form of interactive timelapses, allowing readers to see exactly how they were written from start to finish, including the entire editing/revision process.

about repulsion
About Repulsion, a collaborative EP with Jason Grier featuring samples from Max Ritvo, Carl Phillips, & Brigit Pegeen Kelly, is out now on Fonograf Editions!

awards, exhibitions, etc.
artist-in-residence, fondation thalie (2021)
michener fellow, austin tx (2017-20)
writer-in-residence, fondation jan michalski (2019)
roy crane award @ ut austin (2018)
artist-in-residence, co-incidence festival, somerville ma (2018)
fulbright fellow, arts/filmmaking, berlin de (2016-17)
artist-in-residence, urban hinterland, arnis de (2017)
digital writers' festival, 'video hits', commissioned artist (2017)
"heck land" exhibit @ das giftraum, berlin de (2017)
lavinia winter fellow, new zealand pacific studio (2014)
co-organizer, ANAGRAM collective residency (2013, 2014, 2016)
kaspar t locher summer creative scholarship (2012)
poet-in-residence, uc san diego brain observatory (2012)
arts writing
hyperallergic • review of words/matter at the blanton museum of art, austin tx
glasstire • review of r eric mcmaster's "bells suspended from clouds" at testsite, austin tx
sightlines • review of hedwige jacobs' "if i could, i would cover everything with my drawings" at women & their work, austin tx
glasstire • review of steve parker's "war tuba recital" at big medium, austin tx
berlin art link • review of rima najdi's "happy new fear" at ctm, berlin de
conflict of interest • review of joey + neil fauerso's "dig three tunnels" at testsite, austin tx
conflict of interest • review of kate mcintosh's "in many hands" at fusebox festival, austin tx
nomadic press • review of "superior packets" by susie timmons (wave books)


"the center" • ZEBRA poetry-film festival (2018), triquarterly (2019)
"body with no windows" • triquarterly, 2017
"decisiveness & pleasure" • 2017 digital writers' festival
"gag" • reality beach, 2017
"giraffe" • ZEBRA poetry-film festival, 2014
"an illustrated guide to the post-apocalypse" • 2013
"ars poetica" • 2014

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